We are one of the largest, most financially sound and best performing companies in the Azores. Our wide range of products has raised the profile of the islands’ products.
The quality of the products we sell is a result of the strict quality control system we use and makes us suppliers of excellence who bring the finest quality products to consumers’ table.
Lactaçores’ operating structure consists of five depots on the islands and in mainland Portugal that are fitted with the latest storage units. We also have a fleet of vehicles designed to transport our products. Therefore we are able to ensure perfect storage conditions in line with food safety practices.
Our depots were designed to supply the markets and are strategically located on the islands of São Miguel, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, as well as within the Vila Franca de Xira logistic facilities in mainland Portugal.
Our logistic structure aims to deliver our products to our clients in perfect condition, and with the high quality levels they had when they left our cooperatives in the Azores.

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