Quinta da Lixa

The Quinta da Lixa is a living testament to the passion that the Meireles family has always had for Vinho Verde. This family has a number of business interests, and, while still it owned the vineyards around the small town of Vila da Lixa, it decided in 1986 to set up a small firm, and this became what is now known as the Quinta da Lixa – Sociedade Agrícola, Lda.
At first the wines produced were sold in bulk, but it soon became clear that their quality and popularity was such that estate bottling was required.
The increase in production made it necessary to build new facilities to replace the original winery since this was no longer able to ensure the standards of quality for which the Company was noted.
In 1994, therefore, construction work began on the current facilities. So a modern wine-production plant now stands on the Quinta da Lixa. It has a covered area of around 6000 sq m, and an installed capacity of 4 000 000 litres, plus offices, a laboratory, tasting room and a wine shop.
In 1999 the Quinta da Lixa bought a new property, the Quinta de Sanguinhedo. Twenty of its thirty hectares are to be planted with vines.
The Company presently has a total of 42 hectares of vineyards, spread over these estates: Quinta da Lixa, Quinta de Sanguinhedo, Quinta de Tarrio, Quinta da Corredoura, Quinta de Coveiros and Quinta das Maias.
With new vineyards, since the start of a new century, the Company is now strongly committed to diversifying its wines, putting several Wine Varietals and Vinho Verde Sparkling Wines on the market.

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