Viña Del Valle

Viña del Valle S.R.L. is a company producers, distributors and marketing of wines and Piscos, given the quality of our products supplying the domestic market and international market to meet that way their needs and requirements.
Viña del Valle S.R.L. has trained staff and committed to work for the company to ensure product quality and services offered in the market, generating further growth of the company.

After 50 km, in loneliness and beauty of the pampas of Arequipa, a mirage appears with a green valley with a stream valleys of the VITOR – Arequipa.

In 1629 the barefoot Carmelite Antonio Vasquez of thorns, in addressing the coastal valleys of southern Nazca in his monumental book “Compendium and description of western India” referred to in the valley VITOR there is fertile vineyards obtaining hundred thousand botijas wine unparalleled quality, and it seems better than those of Alicante or Porto (Portugal).

In colonial times our cozy Valley VITOR enjoyed fame that border transfer of those times of glory are good and pisco as our traditional heritage cellar Jose Santos Zegarra Berne and children Vina del Valle Pty Ltd, founded in 1921 by our grandfather Don Jose Santos Zegarra Hinojosa estate located in the La Hacienda del Abuelo.

Actual company Vina del Valle S.R.L. remains a family business devoted to agribusiness.
The tradition inherited in this company is already the third generation.

Vina del Valle S.R.L. has a mixed production envisaged, that is, there are processes and craft is also used advanced technology in the development of Pisco.

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