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Product Detail

ROB Beef Jerky Peppered

Peppered Beef Jerky is your special bbq party surprise. Time to perk up! Pair it with pinot, add some beef marinade and pep things up. Result? Pure perfection in the form of a spicy beef jerky itself!

You may think it is thick cut, but that’s what hand cut is! And for many this is exactly what the best cut of beef for jerky looks like. One size fits all! Ray’s Own Brand Peppered Beef Jerky is for sure a new perfect pick for your next picnic or a special catering event. It is perfectly matched with an authentic beef jerky marinade and meat sticks, or your wine tasting events at Edna Valley. 97% Fat Free, it is made of the best meat for black pepper beef jerky. Excellent source of protein, it is different and exciting.