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Adega De Borba Reserva

Rótulo de Cortiça – one of Adega de Borba’s ex-libris was produced from the most typical varieties in the Alentejo region, sub-region of Borba. Originating from old vines, the grapes were strictly controlled during the maturation process and harvested in small quantities. After the grapes destemming and crushing, the alcoholic fermentation began. It was performed for about 10 to 15 days at a controlled temperature of 24ºC in order to extract the greatest aromas and flavours of the grapes. To increase the poliphenolic complexity, the flavours of the tannins and the wine’s structure, the wine remained in the vat for a post-fermentative maceration process. The malolactic fermentation was then performed in stainless steel vats. In order to increase the wine’s organoleptic characteristics, it aged for 12 months in 3rd and 4th year French oak barrels and wooden barrels. Then wine then aged for another 6 months in the bottle stored in a cellar.

Alcohol  13.5%

Color  Clear aspect and ruby with red nuances

Origin  Portugal

Region  Alentejo